Mark Growden’s New Orleans Band at Snug Harbor

In June 2011 I spent a week in New Orleans documenting the recording on Mark Growden’s upcoming 2012 album “In Velvet”. The recording was to be done all live in the studio in only 3 days with a group of eight musicians of which seven have not played much with Mark before. To rehearse the material the band had several rehearsals and 3 nights of shows right before the sessions. Each night they played the entire set of 14 songs twice. This is “Love of it All” performed live at Snug Harbor on Frenchmen St. with LaTosha Brown (vocals), Loren Pickford (alto sax), Wendell Brunious (trumpet), Eric Traub (tenor sax), Myles Boisen (guitar), Larry Sieberth (piano), Peter Harris (bass) and Charlie Kohlmeyer (drums).

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