Weekly shareables of May 15


In the past month I’ve had a data storage issue that kept me from putting out any videos in our series. This is now solved. I’m looking to release a bunch of episodes I’ve been excited about including Ramon and Jessica, CopperWire, Meklit + The Nice Guy Trio, Beth Custer, Michael Coleman + Jacob Zimmerman and more…

Promoting non-pop music – help me learn

Is promoting jazz, chamber or avant-garde music anything like promoting pop singers? Do publicity, radio, social media work? Is it possible to create a fan base just by playing good music? In the next couple of months I’m looking to put together a series of blog posts or podcasts about different aspects of getting one’s music to an audience and monetizing it. I have some ideas and opinions, but I’m hoping to build most of the narrative by interviewing musicians, promoters, publicists and marketers. If you want to talk to me or know someone I should talk to, please send me a note.

I’m also going to use what I learn at workshops and discussions at De Anza college and the Red Poppy Art House in the coming weeks.

Chloe Veltman’s interview with Avi Ehrlich and me on KALW’s VoiceBox

Last week Chloe Veltman invited Avi (the founder of our Valencia street neighboring record label Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club) and me to talk about the challenges of running independent music companies. It was interesting conversation. Avi’s label has focused on punk bands, and he’s released over 100 records in the last 10-15 years. I’d been meaning to sit down and talk to him for a while just to pick his brain, but it hasn’t happened until Chloe’s invitation. Here’s the link to the podcast on iTunes.

Shoutout to Gaucho and Quinn Deveaux and their Kickstarter campaigns

I’ll be posting more about these bands. They’re raising money to record and release albums. Help them out. Click here for Gaucho or here for Quinn DeVeaux.


Weekly pick: UnderCover – May 19

This will be a crazy night with 8 bands and 50+ musicians paying tribute to Black Sabbath’s Paranoid. Everyone who buys a ticket also gets a studio recording of the CD. Check out the preview and info here.

Wed. May 16 Bit Tree, Kapowski, Bells at Cafe du Nord (info)
Wed. May 16 Gaucho at Amnesia (info)
Sat. May 19 UnderCover at the Independent (info)
Sun. May 20 HowellDevine at Revolution Cafe (info)
Mon. May 21 Classical Revolution at Revolution Cafe (info)
Mon. May 21 Mike Olmos hosts a jam session at the Union Room (info)

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