Beth Custer Ensemble

We shot this episode featuring composer, clarinetist and singer Beth Custer in March 2012. It turned out to be one of the biggest productions in the history of The Files with six musicians and a production team of four. Photographed and recorded at Beth Custer’s Red House Speak Easy, this video features the Beth Custer Ensemble with Diana Mangano, Chris Grady, David James, Vicky Grossi, Jan Jackson. Big thanks to Jeff Cressman for recording and mixing and to Adam Willumsen and Federico Cusigch for helping shoot. At the end of the video I put together a few links to other videos with Beth Custer for you to check out.

That night we produced two songs. The second is coming your way soon. You can subscribe to our series on YouTube to be notified when we post new songs.

If it’s your first exposure to the music of Beth Custer, you owe it to yourself to spend some time on her website and explore her other projects:
Clarinet Thing – a quartet with Sheldon Brown, Ben Goldberg and Harvey Wainapel.
Trance Mission – with Stephen Kent, Kenneth Newby and John Loose
Duets with guitarist Fred Frith
Eighty Mile Beach – trip hop duo with Christian Jones
and more…

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