Countdown 2 Meltdown (by Mitch Marcus Quintet)

Countdown 2 Meltdown by Mitch Marcus Quintet cover image


  • Mitch Marcus: tenor saxophone
  • Sylvain Carton: alto saxophone
  • Mike Abraham: guitar
  • George Ban-Weiss: bass
  • Tomas Fujiwara: drums, gongs
  • Darren Johnston: trumpet (4)
  • Lorin Benedict: vocals (9)


Created at the House of Cubes, San Francisco, April 2, 3, 4, 2009. Produced, recorded and mixed by Stephen Barncard. Graphic design and illustration by Patrick Lugo. Photograph by Chuck Gee. Mitch and Sylvain play Vandoren reeds, mouthpieces, and ligatures.