Handyman’s Honeymoon (by Ramon and Jessica)

Handyman’s Honeymoon by Ramon and Jessica cover image


  • Dina Maccabee: vocals, violin, guitar, claps
  • Jesse Olsen: vocals, guitar, percussion, keyboards, ukulele
  • Marié Abe: accordion
  • Rachel Harris: banjo
  • Darren Johnston: trumpet on Broken Egg (live)
  • Daniel Fabricant: acoustic bass on Broken Egg (live)


Cover artwork by Daniel Jesse Lewis. Cover design by Peter Varshavsky and Dina Maccabee. Tracks 1-13 mastered by Myles Boisen, Headless Buddha Lab, Oakland, CA, 2006. Tracks 14, 15 mastered by Jon Cohrs, Spleenless Mastering, Brooklyn, NY, 2011. All songs by Jesse Olsen and Dina Maccabee.