Many Seasons (by Kacey Johansing)

Many Seasons by Kacey Johansing cover image


  • Kacey Johansing: vocals, electric guitar, fender rhodes, wurlitzer, piano
  • Ezra Lipp: drums
  • Nathan Blaz: cello, string arrangements
  • Robert Shelton: fender rhodes #7, organ, yamaha CP-30, glockenspiel
  • James Riotto: electric and upright bass
  • Nicholas Aives: electric bass, backup vocals on 3
  • Tommy McDonald: drums and backup vocals on 2, 3
  • Aslan Rife: electric guitar on 3, backup vocals on 6
  • Mike Deni: rhodes on 3, bass on 2, whistles on 5
  • Matt Montgomery: upright bass on 5, 11
  • Eah Herran: harp on 1, 4
  • Mirranda Eggleston: viola, violin on 5, 8, 11
  • Nancy Kuo: violin on 11


All songs by Kacey Johansing. Produced by Kacey Johansing and Scott McDowell with the help and wisdom of Robert Shelton. Engineered and mixed by Scott McDowell at Hyde St. Studio C, San Francisco, CA. Mastered by John Greenham, San Francisco, CA. Cover artwork by Emily Ritz, lettering by Daren Rabinovitch, photography and design by Simone Rubi.