Pearl (by Gaucho)

Pearl by Gaucho cover image


  • Dave Ricketts: guitar
  • Rob Reich: accordion
  • Ari Munkres: bass
  • Michael Groh: guitar
  • Pete Devine: drums
  • Ralph Carney: saxophone, clarinet, clarinet stick
  • Tamar Korn: vocals
  • Vic Wong: guitar (5)
  • Leon Oakley: cornet


All music written by Dave Ricketts except "Avalon" and "Lover Come Back to Me". Lyrics for "Sing On" and "Pearl" written by Tamar Korn. Lyrics for "Little Sweetie" written by Pete Devine and Tamar Korn. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Eric Moffat. Produced by Dave Ricketts. Artwork and design by Erin Ellis.