The Pixies Doolittle Tribute (by UnderCover Presents)

The Pixies Doolittle Tribute by UnderCover Presents cover image


  • Debaser: ALBINO! Michael Bello, Patrick Byers, Chris Brown, Cal Reichenbach, Kim Agnew, Patricio Angulo, Aaron Bortz, Terry Branam, Adam Willumsen, Charith Premawardhana, Erica Mulkey)
  • Tame: Seth Augustus, Patrick Cress
  • Wave of Mutilation: Classical Revolution w. Unwoman (Charith Premawardhana, Erica "Unwoman" Mulkey, Feliz Macnee)
  • I Bleed: Doctor Edmund Welles and the Axe-Wielders of Chaos (Cornelius Boots, Wes Anderson, Eugene Jun, Penelope Allman, Aaron Novik, Cory Wright, Jeff Anderle
  • Here Comes Your Man: Joe Bagale
  • Dead: Beep! (Michael Coleman, Nathaniel Brenner, Sam Ospovat
  • Monkey Gone to Heaven: Conspiracy of Venus Choir
  • Mr. Grieves: LoCura (Kata Miletich, Bob Sanders, Brandi Brandes, Danny Cao, Isaac Weiser, Stephanie Narvaez, Valentino Pellizzer)
  • Crackity Jones: The Japonize Elephants (Sylvain Carton, David Gantz, Michael Mellender, Dina Maccabee, Marié Abe
  • La La Love You: Dina Maccabee with Michael Mellender and Erik Pearson
  • No. 13 Baby: Aaron Novik with Dominique Leone, Karina Denike, Melody Ferris, Bill Wolter, Charith Premawardhana, Jordan Glenn
  • There Goes my Gun: Rob Reich Trio with Ralph Carney and Sam Ospovat
  • Hey: Blue Rabbit (Heather Anderson, Sarah Rocklin, Arami Reyes, Kevin Weber, Adam Willumsen, Adaiha Macadam-Somer, Eah Herren, Kirk Hamilton)
  • Silver: Karina Denike and Lily Taylor with Daniel Fabricant, Eric Garland, James Frazier
  • Gouge Away: Sarah Palmer and Wiener Kids (Jordan Glenn, Cory Wright, Aram Shelton)


Guest music director Aaron Novik. Produced by Yosh! at Faultline Studios, San Francisco. Engineering, production, mixing and mastering by Yosh! and Preston Havill, except track 5 recorded and mixed by Joe Bagale, track 2 recorded by Seth Augustus. Executive producers Lyz Luke and Peter Varshavsky. Design by Peter Varshavsky and Tyler Matthew. Back cover photograph by Michel Hulsey.