CopperWire: Gabriel Teodros, Meklit Hadero, Burntface

When Meklit Hadero, Gabriel Teodros and Burntface (aka Ellias Fullmore) met in the studio to see what happened, well, so many great songs tumbled out so fast, and the creative connection proved so strong, that the three knew there was no looking back on their journey... Earthbound.

Copper—the most common of metals, yet far from ordinary. “It’s the cheapest material you can find, but a huge amount of electricity can go through it,” Burntface says. Coiled together, these three artists have discovered themselves to be a vessel, a conduit that transmits a creative power greater than themselves—one that tears through the barriers of genre and geography that would label and divide them, and for which they have no use.

Their vantage point: outer space. Like other visionaries before them—Sun Ra, Parliament-Funkadelic, David Bowie, Octavia Butler—CopperWire step off the surface of the planet and claim their extraterrestrial roots, the better to make sense of our world and engage it humanely.

Earthbound  (2012)