"Gaucho has its own feel," group's founder Dave Ricketts says. "It has a Gypsy jazz sound, but we don't focus on that rhythm. I'm not trying to say we're reinventing swing, but we've got our own signature. We also find inspiration in the rhythmic drive and collective improvisation of New Orleans swing music, that great gut bucket sound."

Originally a trio featuring Ricketts, guitarist Michael Groh and stand-up bassist Ari Munkres, Gaucho quickly attracted a dazzling cast of improvisers including accordion ace Rob Reich, drummer/percussionist Pete Devine (who gained a national following with the ragtime trio Bo Grumpus and recently started Devine's Jug Band), and reed expert Ralph Carney, a brilliantly expressive player best known for his many recordings with Tom Waits. The repertoire ranges from early American Songbook standards and classic blues to vintage Latin American hits and Tin Pan Alley pop numbers.

Pearl  (2010)
Deep Night  (2009)