Gojogo began in as an experimental recording project between violinist Sarah Jo Zaharako and sound engineer Elias Reitz. In order to realize their music in a live concert setting, Gojogo incorporated acoustic bass and Indian percussion and has since existed as a quartet. Members include Sarah Jo Zaharako on violin, Eric Perney on bass, Roger Riedlbauer on guitar, and Elias Reitz on Dholki and electronic samples. Since its birth, Gojogo has performed throughout the West Coast and has produced two recordings. The latest, All is Fair, released in November 2006 on Galaxia Records, received international recognition. Gojogo is also featured on the world-re-known surf documentary Sprout by Thomas Campbell. The group has performed with popular artists including Joanna Newsom, Bright Black Morning Light, Peggy Honeywell, and Vetiver. In 2006, they presented at the first conference of the International Society of Improvised Music. Gojogo is currently working on a third album.

28,000 Days  (2011)