Kacey Johansing

Kacey Johansing's debut album, Many Seasons, plays like a travelogue. Sweeping the listener along from her roots in small town Colorado to Boston to a San Francisco where Johansing is at something of an epicenter for a rapidly evolving songwriting scene, the album crystallizes a rich Bay Area indie-folk sound bursting at the seams with creativity.

Though quite clearly Johansing's solo album, the guitarist, pianist and singer's penchant for collaboration shines through. A sometime member of the bands Honey.Moon.Tree and Honeycomb, Johansing also counts locals Vera Gogh, The Blank Tapes, and Sleepy Todd as frequent collaborators, and that warmly supportive web contributed many of the colors that shine through on Many Seasons. But those aren't the only influences you'll hear - Johansing's jazz-inflected phrasing sometimes brings to mind Nina Simone, her sweetly arching wail can echo Van Morrison, the warm background vocal harmonies recall the Beach Boys filtered through contemporary favorites Grizzly Bear. Through it all is a sound both personal and evocative, an aural scrapbook where lush pop dreamscapes give life to Johansing's sharply lyrical take on the chapters of her life.

Many Seasons  (2010)