Mark Growden

Each of Mark Growden's albums have been recorded in a place where he felt the songs fit - a place where the musical culture and physical landscape would enhance the album's ambiance. Saint Judas was informed by the soulful complexity of Oakland's cosmopolitan cityscape and Growden's long-standing Oakland/San Francisco ensemble (Seth Ford Young - bass, Myles Boisen - guitar, Jenya Chernoff - percussion, Alex Kelly - cello, Chris Grady - trumpet, Mark Growden - accordion, banjo, bicycle handlebars, sruti box, voice). Lose Me in the Sand is rooted in Tucson's country music scene, with guitarist Clay Koweek, fiddler Tim O'Connor, dobro player Connor Gallaher, bassist Ian Stapp, harmonica player Tom Walbank and guest percussionist Andrew Collberg contributing their homegrown sensibilities. With Growden as music director, the arrangements grew from guided improvisations. Each musician crafted riffs to add nuance and depth to the interpretations.

Saint Judas  (2009)
Lose Me in the Sand  (2011)