Meklit Hadero & Quinn DeVeaux

It began for Meklit and Quinn, to hear them tell it, late one night in San Francisco's Mission district. The time was early 2010. The pair were busy building their names as two of the Bay Area's best loved performers: Meklit as a radiant singer whose talents, soon enough, would carry her to her East African homeland and beyond; Quinn as the oaky-sweet leader of an Oakland soul troupe, the Blue Beat Revue, whose mien and sound wouldn't have felt out of place at New Orleans's Dew Drop Inn in 1954.

They met at an old storefront experimental venue, now defunct. It was past closing time, but the owner let them stay. They chatted, and then they sang - and ended up trading tunes, and improvisations, until 4AM. Meklit asked Quinn to open a show, later that spring, celebrating her first album's release. After her set that night, he came back onstage to join her for an encore. And it was then that their musical marriage was made firm, under the sign of Sam Cooke. "We sang 'Bring it on Home'," Meklit recalls. "And that, I think, was that."

Meklit & Quinn  (2012)