Ramon and Jessica

Ramon & Jessica is a unique boy-girl duo from San Francisco whose deceptively simple songs blur the lines between folk, pop and experimental music. On their early albums, violinist Dina Maccabee and multi-instrumentalist Jesse Olsen achieved an singular lockstep with subtle lyrics, sophisticated harmonies and adventurous arrangements. When Jesse moved to the desert, the pair was forced to conspire at a distance for the first time in 15 years. With their third album the newly-reunited pair have achieved their most intimate collaboration yet, working their signature toy piano and Casio keyboards into a sonic texture enriched by some of the Bay Area's finest musicians. Whether they are singing about love, death, the weather or nothing at all, Ramon & Jessica will disarm your mind and lift your heart.
Handyman’s Honeymoon  (2006)
Fly South  (2012)