The Gonifs

The gonifs (they insist on not capitalizing their name) are a band of Porto Franco regulars assembled by accordionist, singer and Yiddish culture historian Jeanette Lewicki for a year-long monthly Klezmer Brunch residency at Porto Franco Art Parlor. This is not the gonifs' first iteration - we first met Jeanette at a Sunday klezmer brunches at Revolution Cafe over four years ago. Jaques, Fabricant and Kierbel were already regulars in the band. Jeanette's a Klezmer recording veteran with seven previous albums including work The Klezmer Experience (Klez-X) and Arkady Gendler. She also illustrates and compiles Yiddish Tango Illustrated, a zine about Yiddish music and history.
The Gonifs  (2012)