Umka & Bro

Recorded at San Francisco's Closer Studios in May 2009, this limited edition LP by the veteran, post-Soviet underground band Umka & Bro features striking new versions of 10 songs spanning two decades. Umka (Russian slang for "clever girl") started writing songs in the 80's. After making some early recordings she took a break to finish her Ph.D. in early Soviet avant-garde poetry. Umka's cassettes spread widely, and upon returning to music, she found herself an instant and slightly bewildered celebrity. Her list of influences grew to include Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, Iggy Pop, Bob Dylan and others. After releasing nearly 20 CDs (most of them DIY) with her band Bronevichok (Little Armored Car), Umka fulfilled a longtime fantasy by recording an analog LP in San Francisco, an opportunity that arose after a chance run-in with Porto Franco Records.
Closer Sessions  (2009)